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Criteria for Winning Website Awards

Criteria for Winning Website Awards


Website awards are events or platform created to recognize the best out of all developed website in a particular environment. The event is a good one for the website owners based on some criteria which are used to judge the website owners. Some other types of awards similar to this are awards like the videography awards which are also organized for the videographers. Some of these websites also advertise the categories of video awards like the Grammy, MTV awards, and BET awards and so on. A website award is a different form of award organization.

There are some criteria to be considered in this type of award platform, they are:


Functions of the website:

Before a website can be categorized as the best, the functions must be able to meet the needs of the users without any complain and also with good reviews and recommendations. The functions of the website should be able to solve the user’s problem which the platform was created for. For example, a website created for relationship solution should provide the solution by merging two opposite sex with each other.


Easy Navigation:

The website should be easy for users to navigate in a way that users can easily find the information easy to understand whenever they visit the webpage successfully without stress. The website should capable of free page movement in a way that scrolling from one page to the other should be very free.


Important Content and updates:

The content on the web page should be important to the users in a way that, the words or graphics posted to the website must be what the users want to read or see. For example, a website created for employment should have contents like job opportunities, how to prepare a good resume, how to answer questions during interviews and other relevant contents. The webpage should have attractive contents which can drive traffics to the website like current thing trending within the scope of website subject.


Today many web owners are now working on securities of their websites because of the hackers. The security of a website is also important to protect the users from problems like a scam. The website should be secured in a way that any wrong information given by the users should be detected for example the freelance webpage like Fiverr has the security that detects any wrong information from the user. The user should be able to recover if the user forgets the password in a secure way.


Scalability and reliability:

A good website should be scalable by containing and controlling huge numbers of users without any problem. The website should also be reliable for working at any time the user logs in. The website should be built in a way that it will speedily respond to the user’s demand without any congestion. For a website to be named as the best, these are some criteria which are to be worked on by the website developer in order to earn a Read More..